Pokémon Go Surpasses Tinder Downloads, Adds $7.5 Billion to Nintendo’s Market Value

Pokémon Go is big. It’s sweeping the world, even in countries it’s not technically available in yet.

Nintendo, which for years fought the idea of mobile games—assuming, incorrectly, there wasn’t money to be made—finally launched the augmented reality game the world had been waiting for through developer  Niantic. And now that it’s here, it’s really here.


Within two days of launching Pokémon Go was on more than 5% of all Android devices in the US. In three days it was on more smartphones than Tinder. And by tomorrow it will have more daily active users than Twitter, according to data from SimilarWeb.


What does all this mean for Nintendo? Market value gains of more than $7 billion. How’s that for a successful launch?