Politik Announces Substance Featuring Robert Scoble and the CEO’s of Indiegogo, Uphold, Code to Inspire, and Enplug

There will only be five serious discussions about the next economy next year.  Four of them will take place at Politik’s next major protest event – Substance.

The sophomore edition of Substance will be held at the Avalon Hollywood on March 4, 2016 and will explore the relationship between people, technology and the reinvention of capitalism.

The opening keynotes will be delivered by Anthony Watson, CEO of Uphold and Slava Rubin, CEO of IndieGoGo, financial technology revolutionists and founding sponsors of the event.

Other speakers include: Nanxi Liu, CEO of Enplug; Robert Scoble, Futurist at Rackspace; Fereshteh Forough, CEO of Code to Inspire and Manish Chandra, CEO of Poshmark. The event will be hosted by Katie Cleary, Founder of Peace4Animals and Producer of “Give Me Shelter.”

“Though the human race stares into an abyss of environmental disaster, digital and spiritual nothingness and an ever widening gap between the rich and the poor, cultural change is simply not practical. It requires too much commitment from too many people. Free market economics and the relentless pursuit of increased shareholder value always win,” commented Robert Brennan Hart, CEO of Politik and Substance Chair.

“The fact remains that we are in the early stages of a new economic system that fundamentally thrives on the sharing and open distribution of physical, intellectual and artistic resources. The proliferation of closed and privately held intellectual property no longer provides the greatest value to any conceivable group of stakeholders. Political and economic power is rapidly shifting from century old centralized entities to more agile, adaptable and distributed socio-economic frameworks. The Internet has created, for the first time in history, something so massive and powerful, that it really could rewrite the future,” continued Hart.

For more information, please contact: Robert Brennan Hart, CEO of Politik – Robert@politik.io or visit www.substance.la