Canadian Startup Turns Evernote into a Powerful Blogging Platform

There is a seemingly never-ending amount of uses for Evernote. The productivity app, which started off as a way to remember everything across any device, has evolved into a robust content creation and management system with over 60 million users worldwide.

Vancouver’s Input Logic believes there is much more to Evernote than posting notes to the cloud. The team of three has developed a blogging platform called, which is powered by Evernote documents making it the easiest way to blog—ever.

The blogging platform is already on Evernote’s radar and has received some positive feedback from the team. “Evernote is a very popular tool amongst writers, journalists and bloggers. makes it easy to take a tool that people are writing in anyway and be able to publish immediately from it. We think it’s a very creative idea and we love the direction the team is going in,” Rafe Needleman, Platform Advocate at Evernote told Techvibes.

Like most good ideas, the inspiration of came out of a personal need to make things better. Co-founder Gavin Vickery found himself constantly copying his content from Evernote to Tumblr to create blog posts when it occurred to him how much easier it would be if he could just publish it straight from Evernote. It was this desire to simplify things that led he and fellow co-founders Shawn Adrian and Brandon Brown to create a blogging platform where posts could be made just by tagging an Evernote document as “published.”

I found the sign-up and use of even easier than cracking open the green nut the product is named after. The platform is free to use for anyone who has an Evernote account and getting set-up with a blog is as simple as picking a sub-domain and selecting one of the many available themes. Users also have the option to use a custom domain if they wish to instead.

Commenting and sharing on posts is a ready-to-go feature with your new blog via Disqus and like most of the other blogging platforms out there, supports the use of Google Analytics for measuring and tracking your blogs performance.

The team is currently keeping their product lean but is listening intently to the user feedback they are currently gaining from the 1,500-plus users since launch four weeks ago to add feature on their roadmap. At the top of their list is the addition of a social feed on to help bloggers with discovery of their sites. The blogging platform has already attracted bloggers from various verticals including healthy living blog Crunch Corner, and tech blog Boat Anchor recently presented the blogging platform to Evernote at this year’s DevCup, Evernote’s annual developer competition for designers and software developers. Finalists will not only win a cash prize but for the first time this year, six of the finalists will be asked to join the Evernote Accelerator – a one-month long residency program at Evernote ‘s headquarters to work directly with the Evernote team on their products. Winners of DevCup 2013 will be announced August 2, 2013.

“Most of the projects that have done well at Evernote have been tools that they know people desperately need. When they do this with the Evernote platform, they win, the users win and Evernote wins,” explains Needleman.

Last year’s finalist, EverClip, was created out of a need to be able to clip web, texts and images on an iOS device to Evernote. EverClip consistently ranks within the Top 100 Productivity apps on the App Store in both the US and Canada having peaked within the Top 3 Productivity apps around the time of their launch.

Input Logic’s track record may be a sign of’s success at this year’s DevCup. The team already has one major win under their belt. They just recently took home the grand prize at Nanaimo’s Pub Summit which is taking them to Dublin, Ireland in October to pitch to some of the most influential backers at the Dublin Web Summit. Coincidentally, Evernote CEO, Phil Libin, is part of the speaker lineup at this event.

With initial investment gained from Vancouver’s Full Stack Ventures, a robust roadmap driven by the community and visibility from Evernote, we are sure to continue to hear some big things about this new blogging platform.