PostRank adds Google Chrome extension and soft launches new service, PostRank Connect

postrankGoogle Chrome launched nearly two years ago, and finally a version of PostRank‘s Google Reader extension is compatible with it. 

Chrome fans can now better manage, organize, and optimize RSS feed consumption. PostRank has been able to “significantly improve the user experience” as well, with all of the ranking is done in real-time and on a completely contextual level. 

This means that if you’re reading a specific feed, the PostRank scores are relative to that feed only, and not, for example, other sites with similar content. However, if you’re navigating through a folder (e.g. “Tech News”) or the “All Items” tab, then the rankings take into account all the stories and feeds in that view. And the PostRank drop-down in the top navigation menu enables you to set and modify your filtering criteria for every feed or folder—so whether you have five minutes before a meeting or a lazy Sunday morning to catch up, you can change the filtering level with one click and the extension will do the rest. Finally, on the extension options page, you can enable the PostRank extension for Chrome on a number of other popular sites, including Digg, Reddit, Google News, or even Google search results! The extension will pull in PostRank metadata for each story or search result, and hovering over the link enables you to preview all the metrics we’ve aggregated for that site.

Check out the PostRank Google Reader Extension for Chrome here.

In other news, PostRank also soft launched a new service called PostRank Connect, designed to “intelligently connect influencers and brands.”