President of Uber Leaves Company Over Controversial Corporate Culture

The president of Uber is resigning after less than one year.

Jeff Jones noted in a statement to Recode that the “approach to leadership that have guided my career are inconsistent with what I saw and experienced at Uber,” vaguely referencing Uber’s allegedly toxic corporate culture that is currently under investigation.

Uber issued a statement on Jones’ departure as well.

“We want to thank Jeff for his six months at the company and wish him all the best,” the company said.

In addition, CEO Travis Kalanick sent a memo to his employees.

“Jeff came to the tough decision that he doesn’t see his future at Uber,” he wrote. “He made an important impact on the company—from his focus on being driver obsessed to delivering our first brand reputation study, which will help set our course in the coming months and year.”

Jones hailed from Target, where he was the company’s chief marketing officer.

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