PUSH Strength Tracker Now Available to Gym Goers Everywhere

Toronto’s PUSH today announced the availability of its flagship product, the PUSH Band, designed to provide actionable insights and recommendations for strength training.

PUSH opened preorders for the product in October 2013 through a crowdfunding funding campaign that surpassed its goal by over 160 percent, shipping 2,000 preorders. The PUSH Band is available for $189.

The PUSH Band helps athletes at all levels track and analyze their strength training performance. With no imaginary points or arbitrary scores, PUSH provides a way for individuals to visualize how to improve on every rep while reducing their risk of injury.

“Our team has put countless hours into creating a fitness wearable that does more than count reps and steps, but has the specific purpose of improving your performance in the gym,” said Rami Alhamad, CEO and co-founder of PUSH.

“We created the PUSH Band for people that are serious about meeting their fitness goals by utilizing data tailored to their performance to maximize their routines.”

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The PUSH Band breaks down each workout and tracks velocity and power during each rep to understand points of fatigue or when it’s appropriate to increase intensity or weight. Everything is managed through the PUSH app and recommendations are provided to the user after each set. Results and achievements can be shared with friends and personal trainers for an enhanced social and competitive training experience.

PUSH is also available for teams, where athletic trainers and coaches access performance results to visualize trends and compare individual progress to the team as a whole.