PwC crowdsourcing Canada’s Digital future

PricewaterhouseCoopers has issued a call to action to engage Canadians passionate about “digital transformation” in defining Canada’s role in the digital economy. And they’re crowdsourcing their call in the form of a competition.

Canada’s Digital Compass is asking Canadians to submit their ideas on how Canada can lead the future digital economy.

Canada’s Digital Compass will draw a community of Canadians who are passionate about digital transformation to submit and vote on ideas that could help position Canada to lead the digital economy.

Weekly competitions will take place on five topic areas and winners from each competition will participate in a final showdown on May 4th where the top three ideas will be chosen. The three winners will be awarded tickets to the Canada 3.0 conference at the University of Waterloo on May 10-11th where their submissions could be presented to attendees.

The Technology stream is now underway and is open for submissions until March 30th.