PwC launches Technology Forecast

In order to provide insight that helps companies anticipate and manage technological change, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) launched their Technology Forecast today. The publication contains a comprehensive analysis of technology trends that are reshaping the way companies are doing business. Originally published between 1996 and 2003 in book-length, the new Technology Forecast is a quarterly journal focusing on one theme per issue. The companion website contains additional insight and greater depth on specific topics. The Summer 2008 inaugural issue discusses three emerging themes in technology driven by one overpowering trend: the accelerating pace of change which is now forcing companies to deal with multiple, simultaneous, disruptive business issues. The three themes focus on IT complexity management; the emergence and use of Enterprise Web 2.0; and the convergence of business intelligence, business process management and business rules management into one software suite.

“Business leaders are recognizing that response to multiple simultaneous changes in the business environment is now the norm,” said Robert Scott, National Leader, IT Advisory with PwC Canada. “The opportunity is now there to greatly enhance the quality of decision making throughout the enterprise.” “Initiatives that improve management of IT complexity, leverage Web 2.0 capabilities, and adopt more efficient business performance platforms will be the key technology drivers. They will enable agile enterprise management and spur the development of new business models, organizational designs, and competitive responses,” added Scott.

A 76 page PDF version of the report is available for download here. Kudos to PwC for putting together such a comprehensive publication.