RBC, Snapchat Partner for Youth-Oriented Skills Campaign

The four RBC-produced videos will run as ads on Snapchat, along with a new RBC AR Lens.

Need to Know

  • RBC and Snapchat have teamed up to launch a video series to support youth in finding employment during the pandemic.
  • The collaboration is part of RBC’s Future Launch at Home program, a virtual spinoff of Future Launch, which supports adolescents in finding employment and developing their skills.
  • The collaboration also includes an RBC AR Lens, which is a popular Snapchat feature used every day by over 180 million users.


As part of its Future Launch program, RBC has launched a new collaboration with social media app Snapchat. 

RBC Future Launch is a $500-million youth-oriented program that supports adolescents in finding employment and developing their skills, and also provides mental health and wellbeing support. After the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic began to affect programming, RBC launched Future Launch at Home, an online version of the program that provides virtual programming and learning opportunities for youth. 

“RBC Future Launch at Home is all about delivering virtual programs designed to keep young people engaged while providing valuable content to empower them for the future of work,” says Gary Edgar, director of social media at RBC. “Teaming up with Snapchat to host this campaign allows us to reach the key youth demographic in a way that will resonate and provide access to free advice, tools and resources available through RBC Future Launch in an increasingly virtual world.”

As part of the virtual program, RBC has collaborated with Snapchat to produce four short videos, which will support and engage youth in finding employment during such uncertain times. The four videos will run as ads on the popular social messaging app and, according to a press release, include topics such as how to gain new skills, enhancing your mental well-being, how to get work experience, and how to grow your network. 

Each episode will also feature a Snapchat Augmented Reality Lens that will offer a fun and engaging way to experience RBC Future Launch content.  

Snapchat reaches 9 million Canadian users, of which 80% are 13 to 24 years old. Of Snapchat’s 249 million total daily users, over 180 million use augmented reality every day.

In March of this year, RBC launched a new technology and innovation banking sector to deliver solutions for Canada’s rapidly growing technology sector. In October, RBC debuted Aiden, an AI platform designed to execute trading decisions based on live market data.