Under Intel’s Wing, Recon Instruments Looks to Accelerate Growth of Enterprise Ecosystem

Recon Instruments has launched a partner program to enable developers and vendors to deploy and monetize software for the company’s wearable solutions.

With this move, Recon is targeting the enterprise space. The Vancouver-born company started with consumer wearables, but its focus has shifted since being acquired by Intel last year.

Members of the partner program will be connected with Intel customers, earn prioritized support during development, and gain early access to next-gen Recon products.

“The Recon Partner Program is a tremendously valuable resource for the enterprise ecosystem,” said Christopher Croteau, Senior Director of Strategic Business Development, Head-Worn Devices, Intel. “This program doesn’t just facilitate and accelerate the work of Recon Partners from a development perspective; it also enables them to monetize their software by leveraging Intel’s customer base as well as our sales-and-marketing resources.”

Early Partner Program members include APX Labs, Atheer, and Augmate.

Currently, Recon’s flagship enterprise device is the Jet Pro, which is modular, outdoor-optimized smart eyewear. In industries like field service, manufacturing, and logistics, Jet Pro can transform workflows by giving workers a hands-free way to access mission-critical information, make video calls, and interface with remote ERP systems.