Redbrick Accelerates Growth with Acquisition of DeskMetrics

Leading desktop software analytics provider Redbrick has announced they they’re acquiring Brazil-based DeskMetrics, a pioneer in desktop software analytics technology.

Victoria’s Redbrick picked up the Product of the Year award at the 2015 VIATeC awards and this acquisition marks the first major push in the company’s aggressive growth strategy.

“Our mission at Redbrick is to provide tools that enable developers to build more robust software. We are thrilled about today’s announcement, as it signifies an important next step in our growth and a natural progression for the Redbrick product line,” said Tobyn Sowden, CEO, Redbrick.

“The synergies between DeskMetrics and Redbrick are undeniable and bringing them into alignment with our own product development allows us to truly spread our wings in the analytics business. This is a rare opportunity to combine two amazing pieces of technology with our management expertise and create the next generation of desktop software analytics.”

DeskMetrics was launched in October 2010, providing desktop software analytics to developers. The product filled the demand of a growing number of developers looking for ways to better-understand user engagement.

Upon completion of the acquisition, all DeskMetrics assets will be included under the Redbrick umbrella, and comprise a core part of its product line. The next version of the product is set to be launched, officially, in early summer.