Remco Solid State Lighting – Another Canadian Innovator

Remco Solid State Lighting, Mark Matthews, President & CEO, has been highlighted as one of Canada’s Top 20 most innovative companies for its energy-efficient LED lighting technology. The Canadian Innovation Exchange (CIX) honours innovative Canadian firms that are breaking new ground in their fields. On December 2nd, Remco and 19 other firms will take part in a jam-packed day full of people, ideas and knowledge to help them seek to expand the boundaries of their business.

Remco was founded in 2003, and their LED lighting solution is scalable to all lighting applications. For example, street lighting where this technology would use half as much energy as traditional street lights to provide quality affordable illumination, long lifespan, unparalleled efficiency, and a environmentally responsible product that delivers a better lighting with significant energy and maintenance cost savings. There is no mercury or hazardous gases in Remco’s LED Street Light which lasts for 50,000 hours.

Remco has a competitive technology advantage to directly replace the required street lighting with energy savings. The initial target markets are municipalities. Remco’s technology is a breakthrough in high power energy-efficient LED lighting, something that could help in these times of greater environmental awareness and cost-cutting. A field test of the technology was successfully conducted at Camp Borden demonstrating the superiority of Remco’s technology compared to others.

Mark Matthews had this to say: “Our patented power efficient LED driver technology provides superior optimal LED lighting efficacies to directly replace street lighting with energy savings. Remco’s LED lighting technology will revolutionize the way streets and highways are illuminated”.  

The Canadian Innovation Exchange offers Mark Matthews and all the other firms a chance to obtain insight into current trends, potential investors, banks, law firms and government officials.

Remco has spent the past six years researching and developing their patented technology and solid state illumination. They represent the leading edge in the industry. They are currently looking for investors, partners and capital to secure their goal to save energy, provide a better quality environmentally friendly light, and make a contribution to the reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere.