RentMoola Raises $5 Million Through Alternative Investment Channels

RentMoola has raised $5 million from strategic, accredited and retail investors.

The oversubscribed round was led by Conservice and the principals of Wyse Meter Solutions. The offering, which included equity crowdfunding, provided a unique opportunity outside of the traditional venture capital channel for Canadian and global investors to take part in RentMoola’s growth story.

“We believe the strong support from our investors is a reflection of our unique fintech growth and market opportunity which culminated in a strong year of growth in 2015,” said Patrick Postrehovsky, CEO of RentMoola. “Our team has been able to deliver sustained monthly growth and traction as a result of their passion, dedication and executional excellence. We look forward to another successful year ahead with even greater growth velocity.”

RentMoola says that it “will continue to explore strategic and venture capital investment opportunities beyond this round” to further accelerate their growth.