Report: Ontarians Want Social Media Training, Digital Tools at Schools

Smart devices and social media training are what many Ontarians want to see rolled out in primary and secondary schools, according to a recent poll by OVH.

The cloud-computing company surveyed Ontarians about their attitudes towards introducing technology in the classroom and school-focused digital applications, among other things.

OVH found that 54 per cent of people surveyed want tablets, smartphones and other connected devices to be introduced in primary school.

What may come as a surprise is the majority of support for early integration came from older respondents. Half of those aged 18 to 34 feel that digital tools should only be integrated into high school curriculum.

The prominence of social media has 85 per cent of respondents saying Ontario’s curriculum should include learning how to manage online reputation, as well as training courses on the risks associated with using social media platforms.

The support for social media training jumped to 90 per cent for Ontarians aged 55 and over, and to 92 per cent for high-income earners.

The survey also showed the desire for a note-taking app for university students, with 46 per cent wanting a digital tool to help them catch up with missed classes.

While many universities have rolled out their own apps, more than two-thirds of Ontarians felt that university campuses should invest in digital apps that help with student life.