Reports: Google to purchase Groupon before 2010 is out

The New York Post reported yesterday that Google is close to purchasing social buying innovator Groupon, for between $2.5–3 billion.

From The Post:

“It will probably happen in the next month,” a source close to the talks said.

Tech blog All ThingsD first reported on Friday that the two sides were in talks for a deal north of $3 billion.

With Groupon, Google would be acquiring a company that generates demand for coupons on the Web, giving Google increased reach with advertisers and more information on consumers.

Venture Capitalist New Enterprise Associates was the initial investor in the company and stands to do well, as does Accel Partners, a second VC firm.

Just another day at the office for a company committed to buying seemingly everything under the sun. Groupon’s already huge as it is, but it makes me wonder how many more subscribers they stand to accumulate once they pair up with Google and all the reach that company possesses.