Revlo Raises Seed Round, Launches Fan Engagement Platform on Twitch

Toronto’s Revlo this week launched its fan engagement platform on Twitch, allowing broadcasters to create personal interaction opportunities and moments for any viewer at scale.

Revlo also announced it has raised a seed round of $1.12 million from YCombinator, Extreme Venture Partners, and others.

“Viewer engagement is what makes Twitch Twitch,” said Justin Kan, Partner, Y Combinator. “Revlo is the best tool out there helping broadcasters engage with viewers, which is why we were excited to fund them!”

Revlo created its platform to make livestreaming more fun and personal for any fan. Broadcasters use Revlo to create a free virtual currency customized just for their community.

“It’s really hard to create meaningful one-on-one interactions for thousands of people when you are only one person,” said James Sun, Revlo’s CEO. “As a lifelong gamer, I wanted to help broadcasters create fun, personal experiences for their loyal fanbase. Happy fans spend more time and money in their favorite communities — helping the streamer and ultimately, growing the industry.”

No regular currency is required. Instead, the Revlo platform helps streamers and their moderators instantly reward viewers for engagement and interactions ranging from time spent watching the channel to actively participating in fun contests and games unique to each community. Fans can spend their earned currency for experiences like a personal invitation to join the next viewer game, a simple bet on what the broadcaster might do next, or even a request that the streamer play (or sing!) the fan’s favorite song during the broadcast.

According to SuperData Research, gaming content is a $3.8 billion industry and Twitch currently owns $1.68B of the market with 100 million fans worldwide who spend an average of 106 minutes every day watching live gaming.