RIM News: Blackberry maker settles score with India, gets trumped by Apple’s iPhone in Top 5 list


RIM settles score with India

India says Research In Motion has arranged up a temporary arrangement for “lawful interception” of BlackBerry Messenger services. A permanent solution is expected by year’s end. Quoth The Globe:

India, among several countries to express concerns BlackBerry services could be used to stir political or social instability, had threatened RIM with a ban if denied access to its highly-secure Messenger and corporate e-mail communications.

RIM won a 60-day reprieve at the end of August after offering India a solution to monitor some BlackBerry data, a claim yet to be confirmed by the Canadian firm.

In a statement on Friday, India’s interior ministry said RIM had assured the government that they would provide the final solution for lawful interception of BlackBerry Messenger services by Jan. 31.

India, the world’s fastest-growing mobile market, wants access to encrypted e-mail traffic sent via RIM’s enterprise servers. The BlackBerry maker says its system is designed so that only the sponsoring business or organization has the technical capability to grant such access.

RIM trumped by Apple’s iPhone in Top 5 list

A survey released last week by International Data Corporation shows that Apple has now jumped past RIM in the Top 5 list of global mobile phone makers. Quoth The Globe:

The iPhone-maker shipped 14.1 million phones during the quarter, representing 4.1 per cent of the worldwide mobile phone market. In the same quarter, according to IDC, RIM shipped 12.4 million phones, or 3.6 per cent of the market.

The top 5:

  1. Nokia
  2. Samsung Electronics 
  3. LG Electronics 
  4. Apple
  5. Research in Motion