RIM plagued by annoying hoax chain message on BBM (terrible grammar included)

As if outages weren’t enough, somebody decided to start a hoax chain message on BBM.

RIM become quickly aware of the situation and tweeted, “Hoax chain messages are circulating on BBM. These messages did not originate from RIM. Please ignore & do not forward.”

The Waterloo comapny also added a new paragraph to its Service Update page.

RIM is aware of a hoax message that has been circulated recently amongst certain BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) users. This is a hoax chain message. The message did not originate from RIM and does not impact the security of BlackBerry smartphones. Hoax messages are unfortunately an industry-wide issue. Any social messaging application on any platform, mobile or PC can be used to attempt to convince users to forward such hoax messages to one or more of their contacts. RIM recommends that users simply ignore the message and do not forward it, since this would only serve to expand the reach of the hoax message.

This is the chain message in question—shocking that anyone actually believed it, but hey, it’s no worse than those who have been yelling “FACEBOOK TO COST MONEY NEXT MONTH” for the past four years.

This is the real broadcast from Blackberry All rights reserved. Broadcast this message to every single contact on your BBM to reset your display picture, sorry for any inconvenience. This message is to inform all of our users, that our servers have recently been really full, so we are asking for your help to fix this problem. We need our active users to re-send this message to everyone on your contact list in order to confirm our active users that use BlackBerry Messenger, if you do not send this message to all your BlackBerry Messenger contacts then your account will remain inactive with the consequence of losing all your contacts Symbol will automatic update in your BBM ,when you broadcast this message. Your blackberry will be updated within 24 hours it will have a new lay out and a new color for chat.