RIM’s BlackBerry Colt may launch before the end of the year

RIM’s latest launch of devices feature the BlackBerry OS 7 platform, a new but still slightly outdated operating system designed to hold the Waterloo tech firm over until it can release QNX-based “superphones.”

The first we’ve heard of as far as QNX BlackBerrys go is the codenamed Colt—whether this is an existing device like the Torch, or a completely new one, remains to be seen (although they already have too many models if you ask me). Rumours have suggested the Colt will arrive in the first quarter of 2012, but new inside sources told Tweakers.net that RIM is trying hard to push the Colt out ahead of schedule, and with any luck, this next-gen smartphone will be out in time for Christmas.

It will allegedly have a 4.3-inch display, making it the biggest screen on a BlackBerry ever (and probably too big for most pockets). However, the same reports suggest a single-core processor still—something most consider a requirement for “superphone” categorization.

As it always is with RIM, time will tell.