RIM’s new BlackBerry Curve is on the way to numerous carriers

The Bold 9900 is out, as is the Torch 9860, with the Torch 9810 coming by the end of the week. Now we can also look foward to the Curve.

Rogers, Telus, and Virgin have all announced the device is coming soon, with Bell likely to follow. No prices have been revealed but it will be less the Bold ($149 to $199 on a full-term deal) and should be even less than the Torch (as low as $129).

The specs are underwhelming: a low-resolution 2.4-inch screen, an 800 MHz CPU, just 512 MB of RAM… but it does have NFC, as well as wifi, GPS, and Bluetooth, and the camera isn’t bad at 5 megapixels with LED Flash and VGA video recording.

There will be three model numbers: 9350 (CDMA), 9360 (GSM and UMTS), and 9370 (GSM and CDMA).

The Curve could be available as soon as Monday the 29th.