Ritual Launches New Lineup of Only Healthy Meals

Ritual has announced its new Wellness Menu that features over 10,000 wellness-minded meals and menu items from over 1,000 restaurants and cafes in Toronto, Chicago, and New York.

“To determine which menu items and item options qualify, we consulted closely with one of North America’s foremost authorities on nutrition,” the Canadian startup says. “Together, we built a set of nutritional criteria backed by 36 references from evidence-based scientific studies, research publications and guidelines from major Canadian and US governments and associations.”

Ritual, which won Mobile App of the Year 2016 in the Canadian Startup Awards, says this is the largest guide to healthy eating ever created for meal ordering pickup within the largest metropolitan cities in North America.

Ritual has turned all restaurants into your company’s corporate cafe and has done the legwork to identify the healthier options; companies can now easily subsidize of 5% to 100% on all healthy meals ordered by their employees.

Ritual Offers New Way to Eat Food, Drink Coffee in Toronto