Robotic Fashion – The New Fashion Frontier

Toronto Alternative Arts and Fashion Week or what it is fondly referred to on twitter as #FAT2010 is an annual event that is a platform for inventive, pioneering and contemporary expression.

Needless to say, among the creepy exhibits, and dramatic bird masks, I discovered the makings of a Cylon. Is this how it all begins? When wearable robotic parts get smarter and take over our minds? Perhaps it is. In the meantime, Toronto designer: Artifice Clothing and her brother Bionic Concepts started the robotic revolution.

First down the runway was the Gladiator Arm. This cyber armour has integrated flat panel electroluminescent light effects, it also allows for unrestricted range of motion to allow for those tricky situations when faced with space aliens.

Robotic Arm

Exo-boots which claim to be easy to install (what about wear or walk in?) are made from lightweight aluminum and ABS plastic. They can clip on to boots or heels and apparently allow for a greater stomp as displayed by the enthusiastic model.

Robotic Feet

Along with the boots and arm, the finale had an angel-like model strut out with mechanical Alpha Wings that were pulled out with a hand held pull cord. I suppose the effect of flying away without actually flying away is just as cool with the polished aluminum 4 foot wingspan. Don’t feel like pulling a cord? You can get it all powered by pressurized CO2 which would open and close the wings 18 to 20 times.

Robotic Wings

Is this all a fashion fad or the wave of the future? Will we be wearing (practical) robotic parts in 10 years? Here’s hoping.

Photography by: Ahmad Nassri