ROSS Intelligence Brings Legal AI Expertise to the Vector Institute

A recent entrant to the Canadian AI scene is already making waves as they expand their presence.

ROSS Intelligence announced an official partnership with the Vector Institute bringing a new Canadian AI import right into the thick of the action.

“We are proud to be founding partners of the Vector Institute, the world’s leading AI institute, as it allows us to extend our research and answer fundamental questions in AI of wide-reaching scientific and industrial importance that will help define the world of tomorrow,” said Jimoh Ovbiagele, ROSS Intelligence’s co-founder and CTO. “Canada has emerged as a world leader in the AI space and the Vector Institute’s mission aligns perfectly with our goals and mission at ROSS Intelligence.”

Ovbiagele will also join Vector’s advisory group to help shape their vision of AI.

ROSS Intelligence is one of the leading AI companies in the legal space, using the new technology to pursue their goal of providing affordable legal representation to everyone who needs it. They build tools for lawyers allowing them to execute ideas faster than ever before so they can reach more customers and help more people in need.

“Legal question-answering is the ideal test bed for understanding natural human language, and this partnership with Vector will help us to significantly advance developments at ROSS Intelligence,” said Andrew Arruda, co-founder and CEO of ROSS Intelligence. “I am excited for our customers and partners to benefit from the most cutting-edge research that will flow from the Vector Institute into our current and future products.”

The Vector partnership is a natural expansion of ROSS Intelligence as they recently opened a Toronto AI research headquarters dubbed ROSS North, which will serve as the epicentre for the company’s AI breakthroughs. It is located at the University of Toronto, kitty corner to the MaRS building which houses Vector.

The Vector Institute’s goal is to help build out and maintain Canada’s role in the AI field. This means researching ideas, developing skills, and attracting the best talent to the country. It is relatively new, having only been founded in 2017, but it has brought on some massive partners including Google, Uber, NVIDIA and On top of this, it is guided by some of the preeminent AI minds, including Geoffrey Hinton and Richard Zemel.

ROSS and Vector will work together to deepen the AI talent pool in Canada and push the boundaries of what AI can be used for. They are the first Vector partner to work specifically in the legal world, so they will bring a fresh perspective to how AI can help a sector that every company needs.

Recently, ROSS Intelligence nabbed $13 million in funding to scale their platform and expand across North America.