Rover Parking, Which Helps Make Cities Smarter, Expands Reach

Rover Parking, a marketplace for shared, peer-to-peer parking, is celebrating its one-year anniversary by expanding across Canada.

The Toronto-born startup, whose objective is to make cities smarter by enabling beter transportation options, previously only operated in its hometown.

“There are a lot of transportation related issues becoming popular concerns not only in our launch city of Toronto but all across the country,” said cofounder Grant Brigden. “These include road tolls, the reduction or removal of transit and commuter train parking lots, heavy congestion on highways and city streets, high gas prices and automobile pollution.”

In addition to more efficient cities, consumers can earn money with their parking spots through Rover.

“What Rover is doing is providing a key part of the solution to these ever increasingly relevant issues,” says Bridgen.

Parking spot owners control the availability of their spots.

“Traditional parking uses a centralized approach whereas Rover is a completely distributed parking solution,” explains cofounder Tim Wootton. “This key difference gives us the very unique ability to offer new, more advanced solutions to both the city and the consumer.”

According to Wootton, 2017 will be a year of smart initiatives and partnerships as cities realize that when land is limited, efficiency and intelligence must be called on.

“Rover is excited to be a key driver of these programs,” he says. “The bottom line is that the people of Canada now have more flexible choices for their transportation needs and can now use options that make more sense for their individual needs.”

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