Rumble Launches at Dublin’s Web Summit

Toronto’s Rumble has launched its video platform at Web Summit 2013 in Dublin, Ireland. This includes the simultaneous launch of its Windows 8 desktop application, Android app, and iOS app.

Rumble has a lofty goal of creating a video platform experience that surpasses the likes of YouTube and Vimeo by directly targeting video creators.

“Video creators lack options and choice when it comes to video platforms, and they are not earning revenues they deserve. solves this by providing creators access to 63% of the video market, which lives outside of YouTube,” explains the startup’s founder, Chris Pavlovski. “Not only is the majority of streams happening off the YouTube platform, but video is being monetized much better off YouTube.”

Out of the gate, Rumble boasts a potential distribution reach of over 800 million users monthly, due in part to its relationships with media companies around the world, notably Shaw Media, Sun Media, Bell, Microsoft, and Yahoo.