Rumble Partners with Getty Images

Video licensing platform Rumble has entered into a partnership with Getty Images, enabling Getty to license social and viral videos managed by Rumble.

Rumble will make its portfolio of videos available for license by Getty Images’ global customer base, becoming the largest source of social video for Getty Images.

“As the go-to video platform for social and viral videos, we are very focused on providing multiple distribution options for our video creators,” says Rumble CEO, Chris Pavlovski. “This partnership with Getty Images will be instrumental in helping our video creators reach significant audiences across various mediums, from TV to online.”

Rumble will be helping Getty Images source, validate, clear and acquire the most popular social videos found on the web, adding to its industry-leading video collection of four million assets. Getty Images customers will have access to videos from Rumble’s 18,000 video creators.

Video creators upload their videos to the Rumble platform, which are then automatically posted to networks like YouTube and Facebook. In 2015 alone, creators generated over 74 million views on Rumble and one billion views across all platforms.