Rundown of Techvibes RSS Feed Options

rss logoWhen we relaunched Techvibes last month, one of the new features added was RSS feeds for each section and each city. Now that everything has been running (mostly) smoothly thus far, I ought explain these in more depth. Existing feed subscribers need not worry, old feeds should be redirecting to the right place.

Firstly, we have a page lists all feeds at Clicking any of the links on this page goes to a subscribe page where you can choose to subscribe within various popular web news readers, or just copy the direct link for other readers.

For each of our featured cities (the ones displayed in the dropdown on the header), we have feeds for the blog, events, and jobs. Most sections will have a link with an RSS icon just below the header, beside the breadcrumb, that links to the subscribe page for that section.

Further, each blog post has a feed for comments of that post. The link appears at the bottom, under the comment box. You can also subscribe to receive comments by email.

Going forward, we want to add more feeds in anyway that is helpful, and encourage your feedback. One request we’ve received is for a feed of all comments. Re-adding the Feed by Email capability is also a priority.

Speaking of feed readers, I don’t want to brag or make a competition of it, but my Google Reader stats: “From your 393 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 3,414 items”. Borderline unhealthy, perhaps, and I’ve been pruning too 🙂