Salesforce Incubator’s Second Batch Focuses on Artificial Intelligence

15 startups represent the second batch of the Salesforce Incubator, and this cohort has a clear focus: artificial intelligence innovation.

It makes sense—Salesforce just launched Einstein, “a a breakthrough technology that embeds advanced AI capabilities directly into the Salesforce Platform, empowering any company to deliver more predictive and personalized customer experiences across sales, service, marketing, commerce and more,” according to Ludovic Ulrich, senior director, Startups & AppExchange Marketing at Salesforce.

The second cohort, which starts in May and runs for five months in Salesforce’s San Francisco campus, will tap the power of Einstein, among other Salesforce resources, to innovate.

There are the startups joining the Salesforce Incubator in May:

  • BoodsKapper: AI-based apps that help businesses with brand promotion and customer service solutions.
  • Claire: Chatbot for testing consumer products, and the winner of the Dreampitch at Dreamforce ‘16.
  • Cloud Conversion: eCommerce automation solution designed to help retailers manage customer service and supplies.
  • Clover Intelligence: Startup that provides conversation analytics for sales teams that provides replicable and trainable techniques.
  • CRM Science: Salesforce development consultancy specializing in helping companies design and develop engaging apps for the AppExchange.
  • Diffeo: AI-powered advanced discovery tool that allows users to quickly search files across email, desktop and cloud-based accounts.
  • Glassbreakers: Enterprise software solutions that provide data-driven mentorship and talent development tools for diversity and inclusion.
  • Hilo Studios: AI-powered, end-to-end sales and marketing insights that bridge the gap between business silos and empowers revenue growth and customer success.
  • Intricately: Real-time insight that provides sales executives with a smart pipeline, stronger lead qualification and increased efficiency.
  • iWaboo: Marketplace to helps promising startups succeed by enabling retailers to find the next best-selling products.
  • Joonko: AI-powered diversity and inclusion coaching solution that can identify and solve unconscious gender or racial bias.
  • MadKudu: Predictive lead scoring solution built exclusively for high-volume B2B SaaS companies.
  • NeuraFlash: Salesforce consulting partner that provides intelligent, personalized and predictive capabilities to customers with AI.
  • Prophit Insight: Analytics platform that helps healthcare providers drive top-line growth.
  • Usersnap: Startup that provides categorization and segmentation of user interactions for service and support, allowing companies to acquire customers more efficiently and proactively provide customer care.

Salesforce Launches Einstein Artificial Intelligence Across All Channels