Salesforce Lightning Presents New Opportunity for Collaboration Among Developers

Development supergiant Salesforce announced a new line-up of tools for its Summer ’16 product release. Summoning the power of Thor, Lightning is a new collaborative system that draws from the core deliverables from your team: their talent.

In a completely intuitive “shared-space” Salesforce’s new Lightning system will allow anyone within the company to build and customize modern apps, together. The experience is designed for developers to create modular components for applications using your company’s tools, that can easily be dragged and dropped into any prototype, or build. Even components developed by others are available through a unique AppExchange program.

Strewn across all of the internal teams, coders, analysts, content managers, and administrators can work in a viable workspace. Much like startup culture abuses the use of their windows, whiteboards, and boardrooms for collaborative creation, Lightning brings that feature to the ecosystem of Salesforce.

Shared work, and the removal of the assembly line, makes the Lightning system true to its name.

Trailhead Superbadges

Trailhead, the free online learning tool developed by Salesforce, bolsters and develops the skills of Salesforce users. The skills tool allows its students to earn badges with each successful test, that can then be posted to their LinkedIn resume.

Now, with the innovation of Lightning tools for the Salesforce ecosystem superbadges are on the way, and give professionals the opportunity to learn the Lightning system, and earn news skills in an evolving digital world. Then brag about it via the internet.

Lightning Fund and Incubator

The corporate investment group at Salesforce has done amazing things in the assistance and incubation of entrepreneurs, and start-ups the world over. Today, for the Summer of 2016, Salesforce has announced a new $50 Million dollar Lightning Fund aimed at innovative creators, making ground-breaking Lightning apps, or components that change the landscape of Salesforce for a better future.

The incubator, designed for Cloud Startups, and Consulting Firms, will open in late 2016 within the San Francisco Bay area, and provide trailblazing entrepreneurs a physical space in which to be collaborative, and develop their community-focused companies.