Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Strictly Banned from All US Flights

Wielding your smartphone in an airport may now be a federal crime. Owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which was recalled due to exploding batteries, has been strictly banned from all flights leaving and entering the US.

The Federal Aviation Administration has been warning travelers to keep their Note 7s powered down during flights and to not charge them. But after 100 known incidents of overheating devices—including replacement models—authorities decided to outright ban the phone for everyone’s safety.

Rather extremely, passengers who board a plane with a Note 7 will face penalties up to $179,333 per violation per day and face up to 10 years’ prison time. However, nobody is likely to make it that far, as the devices are no longer allowed in luggage, even in checked baggage.

Samsung says it is working to communicate the ban to owners of the Note 7.

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