Samsung Reputation Plunges in North America, New Poll Shows

Samsung’s reputation has taken a nosedive in the US, a new survey showed.

In 2015, Samsung topped Apple and Google in the annual Reputation Quotient Ratings by Harris Poll, placing an impressive third in the list of 100 corporations. Last year, the company slid slightly but remained in the top 10. This year, however, Samsung plummeted to the 49th position, one of the largest single-year drops in the history of the ranking, reports the Korean Herald.

Ecommerce behemoth Amazon ranked first this year.

Samsung’s fall from grace can be attributed to two scandals: first, the company’s disastrous Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, and second, the more recent arrest of a key executive on charges of bribery.

Apple ranked 6th this year. Google and Tesla also cracked the top 10.

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