The Mobile Revolution in Canada [Infographic]

Numerous studies have recently surfaced outlining mobile usage in Canada.

It’s remarkable to observe the sea change—even though BlackBerrys have been around for over a decade, smartphone ownership is still growing at a staggering year-over-year rate of 50 percent.

And major companies have dove head first into the mobile space, namely Apple with its iPhone and iPad, and Google with its Android platform, transforming smartphones from an enterprise luxury to a mainstream mania.

While only five percent of Canadians, consider how new the device is still, and it’s clear that this number will rise rapidly as more tablet devices launch and the uses for these devices grow.

While texting still dominates smartphone usage even though it’s not a “smart” feature, more and more Canadians are using their smartphones for more and more things, such as using apps (41 percent), the web (33 percent), and email (30 percent).

Cisco’s forecast of the internet in 2015 projected an increase in mobile data traffic of an incredible 26 times over the next four years. And what’s most telling about this statistic is that as unbelievable as that number is… it’s totally believable.

Data: comScore, StatsCan, Quorus Consulting, the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association, Cisco, May 2011