Save on Long Distance Calls With Toronto’s T-Tag Systems

T-Tag Logo

If you make a lot of long distance calls to friends, business partners and family overseas, then you might want to check out Toronto-based startup T-Tag Systems.

A T-Tag is like a speed dial number for long distance calls. “It’s based on a simple call-forwarding model. You simply visit our website, enter your phone number, plus your long distance or international number, and give it a name. We create a personal T-Tag for you to save in your phone and share with your friends at a distance,” says Armen Matosyan, co-founder at T-Tag Systems. “T-Tags look just like local numbers but give you access to great long distance savings. Our users can save seventy to eighty per cent of what they spend with a big telecommunications company on long distance calls.”

For now, T-Tags are only available to Canadians who are calling across or outside the country. However, the Toronto-based startup plans to expand to other countries in the future. The company is also working on offering the ability to send a text message with a T-Tag very soon.

Prior to starting the business in 2011, Matosyan and his co-founders at T-Tag Systems had all previously worked in the telecommunications and wholesale VOIP space. “We realized that it’s difficult to remember and dial a long international phone number every time you call someone at a distance. Plus, the existing options are very costly and restrictive. You either have to sit at your computer to use Skype, or go to the store to buy a calling card. We offer something in the middle. Our product makes it really easy for the end-user to use T-Tags,” says Matosyan.

If you sign-up now, you can get a $2.00 credit to try out T-Tag for free – without having to provide your credit card information. “You don’t need to install a mobile app and it works on any phone. Plus, if you refer a friend, we’ll give you a $10.00 credit,” says Matosyan. “We just want people to try out T-Tag and see the quality of our product, which speaks for itself.”

T-Tag Systems has been a MaRS client since last year. They have participated in a series of MaRS marketing seminars and continue to work with them. “Working with MaRS allowed us to review our marketing strategy, sharpen it and revisit our approach in different fields,” says Matosyan. “Special thanks go out to Joe Wilson and Nathan Monk of MaRS for their contribution.”