ScribbleLive Announces Search Technology Partnership With Google

Toronto’s ScribbleLive and Google announced this week a new technology partnership and integration that gives ScribbleLive customers an enhanced user experience in Google Search results.

For search queries that return a result that is both recognized as a liveblog by Google and that meet certain criteria, Google will display a carousel-style search result that will show a number of recent posts from that event.

If a user clicks on a post, Google will direct the user to the ScribbleLive client page on which the source liveblog appears.

“Large content publishers rely on ScribbleLive to produce engaging, real-time content at scale,” said Divesh Sisodraker, chief product officer at ScribbleLive.

“We are delighted to partner with Google to ensure that anyone in the world will be able find compelling, real-time content. This increased visibility will drive new traffic to our clients.”

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As the demand for real-time news increases, Google Search results reflect the dynamic nature of the world. These live blog carousels enable users to access real-time Search results in a compelling format.

This update is available in all languages and countries, as getting news and information as it happens is more important than ever. With this update, Google Search, along with ScribbleLive, will be able to better represent events as they happen around the world.