ScribbleWiki: Homegrown Wiki Software

Wiki software is a type of collaborative software that runs a wiki system. This typically allows web pages to be created and edited using a common web browser. It is usually implemented as a software engine that runs on one or more web servers, with the content stored in a file system and changes to the content stored in a relational database management system. Source: Wikipedia, of course!

Vancouver-based ScribbleWiki is one of many wiki software solutions that is riding the wave of interest in collaborative publishing. ScribbleWiki founder (and only full-time employee) Simon Koldyk is 19 years old and started in ScribbleWiki in June of 2007. He’s self-financed Scribblewiki from the proceeds of a successful web start-up he ran while in high school. ScribbleWiki builds on the open source MediaWiki and provides wiki hosting, design, and implementation for both public and private corporate wikis. Koldyk’s current growth strategy is to offer free wikis to bring public wiki users on board in hopes of attracting the attention of paying corporate clients. It seems to be working as ScribbleWiki has over 14,000 active wikis online and over 100 of those are corporate clients. ScribbleWiki is #16 on the January Vancouver Start-up Index.