Startup TikTiks Upgrades Marketplace for Sports Fans to Sell Tickets from Anywhere to Anyone

Calgary’s TikTiks, a mobile app marketplace that connects ticket holders with fans, has launched the second version of its platform.

The marketplace was built by fans for fans, and as such, the majority of the updates in TikTiks 2.0 were generated from user feedback. For example, the app will now be available for fans to use nationally for major sporting events throughout Canada.

With TikTiks 2.0, casual fans can now sell, buy, and scan last minute tickets from their phone, while corporate and individual season ticket holders across the country will be able to use the app to connect with potential ticket buyers.

“The app can be used for any sporting event in any Canadian city,” Andrew Browne, Co-Founder & CEO of TikTiks. “Our focus is to connect fans directly with each other through verified profiles, allowing us to charge the lowest fees on the market.”

Originally launched in in 2014, TikTiks features a seamless and fast purchasing process, with payments that are securely handled in-app by Stripe. Once buyers make a purchase, PDF tickets are emailed to them, and are converted to QR codes that are sent to them in the app to scan.

“Over the past 10 years, ticket brokering for live events has gone from scalpers outside venues to a multi-million dollar digital industry,” says Browne. “TikTiks solves the problems of convenience and security for both buyers and the ticket holders who are selling tickets they aren’t able to use.”

With Version 2.0, TikTiks will also integrate with other ticket networks providing our users with more options. In addition, the team is working to build out a program where the company partners with local restaurants and bars to attach custom coupons to the tickets they sell.

“By pairing exclusive coupons with the tickets we sell, fans can buy last minute tickets from a trustworthy platform with lower fees than competitors and receive additional perks that are tied back to their local community with each ticket,” says Browne.

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