Sega Genesis Re-Release Looks to Outdo Nintendo’s NES Throwback

Last month, we saw Nintendo announce that they would be bringing back their beloved Nintendo Entertainment System this holiday season, in mini form, with a built-in 30 game library.

With a few key perks, the NES Mini has received amazingly positive response. It will be among the highest priority items on every gamer’s wish-list.

Riding Nostalgia Hype Train, Nintendo Unveils ‘Mini NES’ Stuffed with Classic Games

Well, AtGames was having none of that noise.

Shortly after the reveal, AtGames posted a rather interesting press release outlining that they also plan to release a diminutive, and newer version of the classic Sega console. There are, however, a few stabs at the aforementioned Nintendo release.

Firstly, instead of the 30 preinstalled games, the Sega Genesis will come with 80 built-in titles—and it looks to be about 50-50 as far as important titles versus filler titles. Including hits such as the Sonic Franchise, Phantasy Star, Golden Axe, the Mortal Combat Franchise, and many more!

On top of that, the AtGames’ Sega Genesis / Mega Drive will have a cartridge port. Boom!

The lack of port to play the insane collections Nintendo fans have gathered over the decades, stirred up a lot of ire from the community when their announcement hit the web. Having this available in the Sega release puts a really tantalizing check-mark on the box.

Unfortunately, the Genesis throwback doesn’t live up in the most important step-forward being made by the counterpart, high-definition multimedia interface, or HDMI for the rest of us.

Yes, Nintendo’s NES Mini will connect to your television with an HDMI port, and upscale graphics, making it the serious winner in a grab at nostalgia coming this fall/winter.

AtGames’ version of the Sega console will continue to struggle with crunchy gameplay, and nearly inaudible noise, with their packaged composite connection.

Latency be damned, if you’re a die-hard Sega fan, and your collection could use a dust-off, AtGames’ console may just be the perfect thing to open this Christmas morning.