Self Care Catalysts Nets Funding from Rick Hansen Institute

Patient intelligence health solution provider Self Care Catalysts this week announced its health solution platform, Patient Storylines, will receive $100,000 in funding from the Rick Hansen Institute to support and engage people with acute spinal cord injuries.

Principal investigators Ben Mortenson, PhD and Patricia Mills, MD, of the University of British Columbia, and Jared Adams, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Officer of Self Care Catalysts will spearhead the Patient Storylines project.

“The more informed and engaged the patient and family, the better the outcome after a severe spinal cord injury,” explains Dr. Adams.

“However, SCI education is often difficult to achieve during a compressed and emotionally challenging hospital stay,” he continues. “Furthermore, the coordination of care around a spinal cord injury is also complex due to the number of providers involved. Patient Storylines empowers the patient through the daily provision of bite-sized nuggets of information; engages and motivates the patient through patient, provider, peer and caregiver generated health quests; and connects health allies (also known as the ‘circle of care’) through a networked messaging systems.”

“Ultimately, Patient Storylines helps to increase patient engagement in the rehabilitation process and improve adherence to rehabilitation plans by opening up vital communication channels,” says Grace Soyao, CEO and founder of Self Care Catalysts.

“These collaborations represent new partnerships for RHI and are critical to moving closer to a world without paralysis after SCI,” said Bill Barrable, CEO of RHI.