SendtoNews Raises $3 Million to Roll Out Sports Video Network

Victoria-based digital news agency SendtoNews announced this morning that it has secured $3 million in venture funding from a local investment group comprising the co-founders of RevenueWire Inc.: Don Wharton, Elton Pereira, Adrian Pereira and Myron Pereira. 

All the funds will be used to roll out a new North American digital sports video distribution network.

“We now have the financing to complete the launch of the continent’s first expansive sports video distribution network for the digital age,” said company CEO Greg Bobolo. “Initial interest from newsrooms is very high and we are in active discussions with more than 30 strategic partners.”

The SendtoNews News Partnership Network is a guaranteed, centralized network for multimedia sports content to be gathered and distributed across North America from the hyper-local to regional and national levels.

Traditional and digital news agencies who become partners in the News Partnership Network will instantly plug into a rich library of sought after, premium digital sports content and thereby access a wealth of new and innovative revenue streams that fuse the best of broadcast advertising with the customizability and monitoring of the internet.