Sensibill Brings Receipt Tracking to JPMorgan’s 38 Million Users

Sensibill uses data and AI to manage receipts, track spending, and monitor user spending habits.

Need to Know

  • Receipts management startup Sensibill has partnered with JPMorgan Chase bank to begin rolling out its service to 38 million mobile app users.
  • By using Sensibill, banks can help users track receipts by and manage spending by tracking photos of receipts. 
  • Sensibill has raised a total of $46.5 million and has partnered with over 75 financials institutions in North America and the UK.


Toronto-based startup Sensibill is expanding its reach, announcing a new partnership with US banking giant JPMorgan Chase

Sensibill is a fintech startup specializing in digital receipt management solutions. The cloud-based solution enables users to better track spending and manage their finances, while also providing data insights for the partner banking institution. 

In partnering with JPMorgan Chase, Sensibill promises to make it easier and quicker “for Chase customers to make returns, submit warranties and expenses, track spending and manage their financial health.”

Managing receipts and expenses can be a huge hassle, for consumers and business alike. 

When a bank partners with Sensibill, new clients may see the Receipts function as a huge perk, allowing them to easily photograph, upload, and file every receipt, without ever leaving their banking app.

Sensibill is then able to monitor the user’s spending habits and collect data, allowing the financial institution to better recommend products for their clients. 

“Chase has created a digital banking experience that makes it easier for consumers and businesses to manage their finances,” said Corey Gross, co-founder and CEO at Sensibill. “Through our partnership with Chase, millions of customers will have access to a best-in-class product that solves the hassle of expense and receipt management.”

Sensibill is a fast-growing company that has partnered with over 75 financial institutions across North America and the UK, including a recent partnership with Metro Bank. Metro Bank is the first “high street” bank to open in the UK in over 100 years, and has enlisted Sensibill to help support its digital transformation. 

Last summer, Sensibill secured $31.5 million USD in funding, courtesy of AI-focused venture fund Radical Ventures.