SEOmoz pioneers data driven SEO

If you follow search engine optimization (SEO), you’ve heard of SEOmoz. Up first in the Search & Information Resources session is the web’s premier destination for SEO education, tools and information. Since SEO is challenging to learn, difficult to execute, and even harder to stay on top of, SEO experts and want-to-be experts ironically search out accurate data and authoritative instruction online.

SEOmoz Senior Engineer Nick Gerner explained their business model which includes a subscription service that provides access to online tools that make SEO easier, educational resources to explain SEO, hot SEO tips and tricks, and unique data sources to give members a competitive edge.

SEOmoz’s “magic potion” is their Linkscape index and technology platform that is based on completely unique data and evaluates the pages and links in their index to provide reliable, authoritative information about the web.

Not surprisingly, SEOmoz drives customer acquisition through website traffic (300K visits per month and growing), viral content, an popular blog (30K+ daily subscribers), industry presence at conferences and impressive word-of-mouth.

To date SEOmoz has rasied $1.1 Million from Ignition Partners and Curious Office.