Setting a new personal record, Twitter eclipses LinkedIn traffic for the first time ever

Twitter leads the pack of the big three social networks in terms of traffic growth, according to a new comScore report.

Ranked number 34 in a top-50 list of websites based on U.S. traffic, Twitter’s increase of 32% dwarfed Facebook’s 11% growth. Meanwhile, the professional-oriented LinkedIn is suffering from stagnation—it saw 32.5 million visitors in July, down from 33-million-plus in both June and May.

In fact, LinkedIn’s dip and Twitter’s leap saw the latter pass the former in traffic for the first time ever (Twitter had 32.8 million visits in July). While Facebook’s traffic growth has slowed tremendously, it is still the fourth-most visited website and saw 162 million visitors in july, its most ever. Twitter’s July numbers were also record-setting for the microblogging platform.

I’m sure you’re also curious about Google+. The brand new social network skyrocketed to 25 million members, shattering out-of-the-gate milestone records of Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately, though, comScore’s data tracking consolidated Google+ into Google, so its traffic is unknown. Google was the number one website with 182 million visits in July.