Seven Companies Ready for Pitch Competition at Startupfest

Startup Festival has unveiled the seven companies who will compete onstage for the crown of “Best Onstage Pitch” at the annual event.

The startups hail from a variety of cities, including Los Angeles, Montreal, and Rochester. In no particular order, they are:

  • Vimix (Waterloo) – Automates user-generated video content management.
  • Ferst Digital (Montreal) – Mobile banking platform targeting small businesses.
  • Comfable (Toronto) – Wearable tech that promotes health and wellness.
  • Tunedly (PEI) – Enables anyone to create professional music online.
  • Party on Demand (Los Angeles) – An Airbnb for party supplies.
  • Quanovate (San Francisco) – Home health testing platform focused on fertility.
  • The Hive (Rochester) – Manages food storage on campuses and for retailers.

Speakers at Startupfest this year include Roni Bonjack, who runs accelerator programs for Google; David Brown, a cofounder of Techstars; and Andrew Reid, CEO of VC Labs.

This year’s conference once again features the iconic Tent Village, one of the coolest components of Startupfest, according to its 4,000-plus annual attendees.