Shop Online for a Financial Advisor: Vancouver’s KYFA Launches SmartMatch

These days, Canadians can shop for anything online. Even financial advisors.

Vancouver-based web startup Know Your Financial Advisor has launched SmartMatch, a free tool to help Canadians find personalized financial advice. SmartMatch compares individual investor preferences—such as age, gender, languages, and specialties—against a nationwide database of advisors, providing a short list of closely matching candidates.

“We’ve all heard the financial horror stories out there,” says Christian Gradley, CEO of KYFA, “so finding the right financial advisor is very important for an investor’s peace of mind, and step one on the path to a trusting relationship.

“Solid investment advice has the power to impact a lifetime, and now there’s a systematic way for the average investor to find a trusted, verified financial advisor, rather than having to ask a friend for a referral or being assigned someone at a bank. With SmartMatch, we’re proud to say Canadians finally have options.”

KYFA was founded in 2009. Its database now has more than 50,000 advisors.