Shopify Acquires E-Commerce Platform Tictail

Shopify is continuing to shore up its competition with another acquisition.

The latest move from the Ottawa-based Shopify is to acquire Tictail, an e-commerce platform based in Sweden. Tictail lets users shop for various goods such as clothing or art from small business owners all around the world. Tictail will continue to run as normal until April 1, 2019, after which it will shut down and transition operations to Shopify’s platform.

Tictail has raised close to $33 million in total funding, with its latest round—$22 million in total—coming in 2015. Tictail has over 60 employees spread across two locations.

Shopify typically refuses to comment on specific acquisitions, instead pointing towards general statements regarding how the company remains competitive through key moves. However, earlier this year, Shopify acquired the Montreal-based Return Magic citing their massive returns despite having a small team.

The acquisition of Tictail will allow Shopify continue their international expansion and gain a foothold in the up and coming hometown of Tictail, Stockholm. Tictail has also set up pop-up shops around North America, which could help Shopify with their goal of continuing to set up brick-and-mortar locations.