Shopify Announces Personally Branded Domains for Merchants

Shopify has announced a new often-requested feature for its merchants.

Users who run shops on the site can now checkout customers using their own domain. Previously, when shoppers wanted to purchase something they were directed to a domain. Now merchants will be able to use their branded domain at all times when delivering the online shopping experience.

Checkout on your domain will be available to all Shopify merchants by the end of July and will automatically happen –no need to install a widget or make any kind of switch. This personal checkout domain comes with the free SSL certificate Shopify provides all shop runners.

“The checkout is one of the most important parts of your store,” a Shopify announcement reads, “and now it belongs to you.”

If you don’t own a personal domain on Shopify, you can still reap the benefits of this move. Checking out of your shop, the domain will still have the trusted Shopify brand appear in the domain along with your own brand.

One thing to note is that a Shopify developer stated in their forums that merchants using Amazon Pay are exempt from the initial rollout of personal checkout domains due to checkout URLs having to be placed on a whitelist for Amazon accounts. This may be changed in the future.

Public reaction to the move has been positive with users commenting right away on how badly they wanted this new functionality.