Shopify Expands Accelerator to NYC, London, Montreal, Austin

Shopify announced today that it is expanding its free workspace program to four additional cities and giving it an official name; the Shopify Partner Accelerator. Shopify piloted this concept in February 2016 with its partner studio in New York City. This program was initially designed to create an environment where creative and like-minded individuals can come together to interact, collaborate, and build lasting relationships.

“We know the problems that prevent freelancers from getting their business off the ground,” said Harley Finkelstein, Shopify’s Chief Operating Officer. “That’s why we’re creating a freelancer studio to help launch successful client-based businesses in the ecommerce space.”

The three-month accelerator program is an significant expansion of the original idea, now renting space at WeWork locations in New York City, USA; Montreal, Canada; London, England; and Austin, USA. It will enable creative professionals from the ecommerce industry to come together, work on Shopify projects, and grow their technical and entrepreneurial skills faster than they would be able to anywhere else. Shopify is accepting applicants for each location where they will receive exclusive mentorship, attend hands-on workshops, and meet with Shopify leadership, development teams, and long-time Shopify Experts.

“We want to make it easier for you to find your first client; make your first hire; build your first empire” stated Anastasia, Partner Marketer with the Shopify, “… it’s not just about offering free office space, or giving ecommerce creatives the opportunity to co-work — it’s about building a breeding ground for the next generation of world-class web design and development professionals.”

Shopify is actively accepting application on their website.