Shopify Expands Cannabis E-Commerce Presence with Aurora Partnership

One of Canada’s largest tech companies is continuing to dominate the burgeoning e-commerce cannabis market.

Aurora Cannabis has selected Shopify to guide and power their global e-commerce platform. Based in Edmonton, Aurora will use the Ottawa-based Shopify to build a platform to sell both medicinal and recreational cannabis around the globe.

“Selecting Shopify allows Aurora to bring a world-class e-commerce solution to our patients and future adult consumer use customers,” said Darryl Vleeming, CIO of Aurora Cannabis. “Shopify’s unique, industry-leading platform provides a safe, secure and flexible e-commerce site that we can build on as we execute our global growth initiatives and enter new markets.”

Aurora currently has their own e-commerce platform they use to sell in 14 countries across five continents. Shopify will work with Aurora to transitions their existing marketplace to a new platform they will develop, all with the goal of improving the customer experience. The main reason for this new partnership is based on Shopify’s ability to easily scale an e-commerce marketplace—an important feature for Aurora, who have the capability to produce and sell over 430,000 kg of cannabis per year.

“While both companies originate in Canada, this is a true global success story, combining our industry-leading technology, helping to power the international expansion of one of the global leaders in the exciting and rapidly growing cannabis industry,” said Loren Padelford, VP at Shopify. “The Shopify platform will allow Aurora to provide a tailored customer experience that embraces and adapts to the unique demands of both consumers and regulators, adapted to the specific needs of the various jurisdictions in which Aurora operates.”

In terms of fast expansion in the cannabis business, Aurora has been on a torrid pace. They have acquired nine companies so far, allowing them to control every aspect of the industry, from facility engineering and design to cannabis breeding and genetics research, along with wholesale and retail distribution.

Shopify has been working with several massive organizations and retailers in the cannabis space lately. Both the B.C. government as well as the Ontario government have tasked the e-commerce behemoth with setting up and managing online and brick and mortar sales portals, mostly due to Shopify’s record of “on-time execution, user-friendly design and long-term approach to anticipating consumer needs beyond the implementation phase,” as one B.C. distribution expert said.

With cannabis set to be legalized in Canada on October 17 this year, other countries may look to follow suit, which will lead to an uptick in Aurora’s customer base.