Shopify Officially Opens First Brick-and-Mortar Merchant Support Location

As a company that’s known for its e-commerce solutions, Shopify rarely delves into the physical world. Well, at least before today.

The Ottawa-based Shopify today opened their first-ever brick-and-mortar entrepreneur space in LA. The new location will provide in-person help to both existing Shopify merchants as well as aspiring entrepreneurs. People can visit the shop to network with other business owners, ask for help with heir own Shopify store, or simply engage with an e-commerce community. Visitors can sign up for workshops and discussions from leading minds in the field.

“Our new space in downtown LA is a physical manifestation of our dedication and commitment to making commerce better for everyone. We’re thrilled to be able to take our proven educational, support, and community initiatives and put them to work in an always-on capacity,” said Satish Kanwar, VP of product at Shopify. “We know that making more resources available to entrepreneurs, especially early on, makes them far more likely to succeed, and we’re happy to now be offering that through a brick-and-mortar experience in LA.”

Shopify LA - Interior

Shopify has spent years honing their customer service experience through the use of what they call Gurus, which are essentially reps for the company that help prospective and existing merchants out with whatever they need. This new space is an extension fo that philosophy for the company, while also serving as a place for the business-minded to connect with a larger community.

Located in ROW DTLA, the new brick-and-mortar location sits inside a commercial centre that boasts over 100 other retailers.

“The path to being your own boss doesn’t need to be lonely or isolating,” said Shopify COO Harley Finkelstein. “With Shopify LA we wanted to create a hub where business owners can find support, inspiration, and community. Most importantly, entrepreneurs at all stages and of all sizes can learn together, have first access to our newest products, and propel their entrepreneurial dreams.”