The Next Generation of Entrepreneurs will Start on Mobile: Enter Sello

Commerce is changing.

Digital consumption has shifted from desktop to mobile, and people’s attention is being split between a variety of social and content apps.

Enter Sello – a free app for iOS and Android geared at mobile focused creators, curators and entrepreneurs.

Sello believes the next generation of entrepreneurs will be starting on mobile and wants to give them an option to start today and grow their businesses from the smartphone.

Sello lets anyone instantly create an online store, share their products with their social networks, and take payments with credit cards or PayPal right from their smartphone.

Users simply take a photo of the product with their phone’s built-in camera and add a title and a price and then they’re ready to start selling in seconds.

After the deal is done, Sello deposits your money right into your bank account or into your PayPal account. Everything is free outside of credit card or PayPal fees.

“Ecommerce is still out of the hands of a lot of people. Sello removes those barriers, helping people focus on ideas they believe in,” said Chris Lobay, Sello’s Director of Product, “we’re giving them a simple, fast, and approachable way to sell for the first time.”

Sello is a product of Shopify and is available in the US, UK and Canada on Apple’s App Store and Google Play.